Primary Purpose

The primary purpose of  the Pulaski County Public Library Meeting Rooms are to provide a space for library-sponsored activities and programs that expand access to information and help the library fulfill its’ mission.  The secondary purpose is to bring together library resources and Pulaski County community activities.

Appropriate Community Room Use

When the Meeting Rooms are not scheduled for a library activity or program, they are available on an equitable basis to Pulaski County business, and/or non-profit organizations for civic, cultural, information, or educational programs or meetings.  Children’s groups may use the room if they are supervised by someone over the age of 18.  Programs and meetings must be free of charge.  The only exception is if the attendee is paying for their meal or fees for non-profit membership or dues.  Tuition for classes sponsored by an Accredited Educational Institution should be collected in advance.  There may be no solicitation, promotions, or sale of items, unless sponsored by the library.  Attendance may not exceed the capacity of the rooms.

Groups using the Meeting Rooms may not distribute literature, brochures, or other materials to library customers.  Smoking and alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

Inappropriate Meeting Room Use

The Meeting Rooms may not be used for social functions (such as showers, birthdays, etc) or recitals unless sponsored by the Library.

Meetings may not interfere with normal library operations because of noise or other factors.  No conduct disturbing regular library use or infringing on any library rules is permitted.  The individual who signs the meeting room request is responsible for the supervision of the group.

Available Times

Any scheduled meeting must begin before the library closes at 7:00 p.m.  No meetings will be scheduled on days the library is closed for Holiday’s etc.

For more information or to schedule a community room, please call 606-679-8401.